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technical analysis

Todd Gordon is the founder of as well as a contributor to CNBC. He�s appeared frequently on Fast Money, Squawk in the pub, Profit Motion, Futures Now, and Street Signs. provides actionable market analysis and clear trading strategies inside the currency, commodity, and equity markets both for amateur and professional traders. options alert
In 2001, Todd began his career trading the equities market in North park, California, and after that with Connors Capital, a hedge fund based in Los Angeles.
Lately, Todd served being a Managing Partner for two and a half years in a trading and research company focusing on the forex markets. Just before that, he served because the Senior Technical Strategist at for six years while simultaneously trading at GAIN Capital Asset Management, its parent company. The fund managed over $25 million and traded primarily from the G-10 forex market.
While while attending college at St Lawrence University in upstate New York, Todd competed on their own Division I alpine ski team with several future Olympians. Acknowledging that he preferred his building warm trading office instead of freezing with a mountain, Todd utilized in the University at Albany, where graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He currently lives in On the internet services with wife Tricia in addition to their two twin baby boys, and enjoys the golf course in the slower trading era of summer.
Valued among the respected Elliott Wave practitioners in the industry, Todd�s international following arises from his capacity to translate Wave Theory into clear and concise trading strategies. His highly enthusiastic, easy-to-understand presentation style and television presence has sent him around the globe for the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and he has appeared frequently on CNBC, Bloomberg, Sky News, BNN, and Fox news . His research clients value his clear and concise analysis and discipline as they consistently applies his analysis to his personal accounts.

 options alert

Post by stock59trading (2016-12-09 13:50)

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